22 years of experience

About Jeff Seidman

* I specialize in life changing transformations for men and women
* "Body for Life" Champion
* Trainer of Wylie on Season 3 of "The Biggest Loser"
* 20 years of owning 2 successful personal training facilities in Miami
* Over 3,000 successful body transformations
* Starred in the fitness documentaries "Body of Work" and "Body for Life"
* Trainer to stars, supermodels and professional athletes
* Featured on Television, Radio and in Fitness Magazines
* Certified by the American College of Sports Medicine

Certified Personal Trainer (ACSM)

How does online training with Jeff work?

I will build a customized training plan and have a clinical nutritionist design a meal plan for YOU. With our app you can bring your workout to the gym, use a print out or workout at home, either way you can track your progress and report it to us so we can update your program monthly. Sign up and start your fitness journey today. I look forward to working with you and giving you amazing results!